History of the GADGET – A Historical Perspective


History of the GADGET – A Historical Perspective

A gadget is any clever little thing or a complex mechanical device. Gadgets can be called gizmos, too. The word “gadget” comes from the Greek word gapyra meaning “to stretch”. A gadget is not a widget that can be plugged in and used. The word “gadget” describes an apparatus, item, or process which can be stretched, bent, twisted, embedded, or fabricated into new shapes. Gadgets can be instruments, electronics, machines, or human or animal products.

Gadgets date back to biblical times when the story of Moses was recorded in the bible. There is no evidence that he ever used a gadget to pull the Ten Commandments from the rock. However, he did use many tools, most notably, a leather sling to draw water from the river. He might also have used simple ladders or wooden blocks to climb to the heights where the commandments were kept.

France has been named as the inventor of the modern gadget, the French ghette or little tool. It was a short, double-bladed knife that came in handy for many things. In fact, the phrase “carrying a knife and a half” describes exactly what a ghette is used for today. A ghette is a small tool with one or more blades that is designed to be carried in the open hand, either by the fingers or the whole arm. It has a flexible steel shaft and a leather sheath attached at the end.

The origin of the French gachete or gag e is not clear. Some say it was derived from two words: gag, which is a verb, and e (gad), an adjective that means “put.” A more likely source is the Middle English word ‘ghet’ meaning “a hook or strap”, plus the Old English word ‘geddo’. Either way, the tool would make itself known to the people of France as they grew up hunting and fighting with their animals.

For those who enjoy collecting military equipment, the GADGET is an exciting item to own. The handle is made of leather, covered in brass or pewter. There are three blades on the handle, all of which are adjustable. The blade on the end that is used in breaking meat into smaller pieces has a sharp point, while the rest of the blade can be changed for different uses. The other blades can be used in fishing, chopping, or for other similar activities.

Today, a GADGET is used far beyond just hunting and fighting. They are now used in many household tasks including opening cans, unsealing packages, cleaning ovens, and opening jammed mail boxes. The gadget has evolved over the years to become much more than just a tool. It has become a fashion accessory as well. In fact, there are entire lines of clothing and accessories now available that include GADGETS.

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