Meaning of GADGET in Various Areas and Purposes

A gadget is usually any ingenious piece of apparatus, especially a non-living object or a mechanical device. Gadgets can be called gizmos. Gadgets can be electronic or manual. Gadgets help in enhancing the performance of human beings. They can be useful for improving concentration, memory power and creativity. The following information will tell you more about gadgets.


First used as a term in the year 1940, Gadgets have come a long way since then. Gadgets do not necessarily have to be used for the benefit of man; they can also be used to enhance a man’s life. They have become indispensable parts of every individual’s life. It is interesting to note that the words “gadget” and “first used” are related in the sense that first used gadget refers to an apparatus, while Gadgets refers to an idea.

The word gadget originates from French words which mean a needle, thread, pin, wire or a shuttle. From this French word, the meaning of gadget changed to “any movable object used for certain purposes”. So first used gadget is now used as a slang word for anything that is useful for the user. Some examples of gadgets include musical, TV, calculators, cameras, radios, video games, sports instruments, personal digital assistants (PDAs), satellites, airplanes, laptops, fax machines, cable modems, cars, trucks, boats, toys, and so forth. A notable item that belongs to the category of a gadget is the Swiss army knife.

A gadget may also be defined by another meaning. GADGET means “something made especially for use”. A gadget that may be considered a gadget can be something made especially for use for one’s defense, security, safety or medical needs. Gadgets are often both useful and attractive. A gadget that is particularly useful may be referred to by a more precise definition that is, a helper, a companion, or assistant.

The word GADGET comes from the Latin root gametes, which means bread. GADGET means “of bread”. This is not only used in the UK and USA, but in other countries such as Canada and France as well. A German saying is: Gebet sind die Mutter, which means: “meal bread”. This is an example of the usage of games in varying contexts.

GADGET is used in informal speech and in informal mathematics. For example, a boy might say to his father: “I have got a new gadget”, when in actual sense what he actually said was: “I have one whose name is GADGET”. In mathematics, a number could be written as a sum of numbers where the product of each digit is the sum of all the preceding digits. A gadget whose name is GADGET is therefore a number whose values are products of all the previous digits, or sums of the preceding digits.

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