What is a GADget?

A gadget is usually any novel, ornamental or simple electronic device. Gadgets can be called as special effects gadgets. These are used to make the person who owns it feel special. The term was originated from the French word “gadget” which means to alter or to improve.


Originally a gadget was just a hardware device. But with the passage of time, the word gadget was associated with some special effects and was even thought of to be an art form. A good example of a hardware device is the calculator. Many people prefer to have a gadget for everyday use as it makes them feel a bit smarter than the normal person. But what else can we call a gadget?

A computer is probably one of the most widely used and widely owned gadgets. In this case, you cannot really say that a gadget is a computer. This will be the main reason why a lot of people will be confused between a gadget and a computer hardware device. Both computers and gadgets have the same purpose, but they serve different purposes. A computer is used to store data and allow navigation on the Internet, while a gadget allows its owner to perform specific tasks. The first computer hardware device to be used commercially was the gramophone.

A gadget, on the other hand, is generally a portable electronic apparatus that may include a camera, video camera, microwave, music player, computer, laser printer, radio or even a video game. There are a number of manufacturers who provide us with many kinds of gadgets. The world has literally been buzzing with the emergence of hundreds of manufacturers of electronic goods, including gadgets.

A gidget, on the other hand, is not really considered a gadget at all. It is actually a portable computer hardware device that allows the user to perform common tasks like faxing, e-mailing, checking your mails, and sending text messages. You can simply make use of your handy gadget by connecting it to a computer through a USB cable. But what makes a gidget a gadget instead of a regular computer hardware device is that it can actually perform a lot of tasks that you may not be able to do with your personal computer.

A gidget is also known as a gizmo or a smart phone, as it is equipped with some features that are similar to those of an ordinary mobile phone. A lot of people may confuse a gidget with a smart phone or a digital pen or even a mini computer since it also comes with a touch screen. A gidget is more popular today because of the low price it is capable of offering. As of the present time, a lot of manufacturers are into the manufacturing of these types of electronic devices so that people will no longer confuse them to be just another kind of computer hardware device. So if you want to purchase a gidget for yourself, make sure to consider buying it from a reliable manufacturer.

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