What Is A Gadget? Is It Something You Can Learn To Do?

A gadget is any ingenious electrical or mechanical devise. Gadgets can be called gizmos, devices, instruments, or equipment that are used to make life easier, simpler, fun, or convenient. Gadgets are everywhere; you cannot walk around any corner without seeing at least one or more gadgets of some sort.


The word “gadget” comes from the Greek word gazzein, which means “to shape.” Many years ago the word gadget was not widely used, as it was considered rather frivolous. But as the world has grown more sophisticated, the word gadget has begun to acquire a much more respectable connotation. Today, when someone buys a new gadget, it is not merely selected for its superficial appearance; it is given a great deal of thought and consideration. This is why today’s generation of gizmos and gizmo users are more likely to refer to the object as a “gadget.”

The first known use of the word “gadget” in reference to any kind of useful instrument or equipment was in the year 1815, when the Marquis de Sade in first used the term in his dictionary. According to the Sadein, the gager is “a person who makes innovations, who discover new ways of using things, and who, having discovered those ways, disseminates the results thereof.” The term thus became recognized as a generic word that would apply to almost any handyman, artisan, or scientist who made innovations or discoveries. In recent years, however, the term “gadget” has become more commonly used, and its meaning has become considerably less specific. This is why today it is often used to describe a new style of music played on a radio, or a type of fitness equipment that somebody purchases and uses at home.

Over the years, the term “gadget” has come to encompass any and all tool or equipment that can be described as being designed for some practical use. Some of these might include watches, calculators, televisions, exercise equipment, and even computers. Interestingly, the first use of this word in this way was to describe a type of mechanical pencil or calculator that an artist used to draw everything from portraits to intricate watercolors. Although these tools and gadgets are generally considered to be gadgets, it is worth noting that the very first use of this word coincides with the birth of the art form, which dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Today, the term gadget seems to encompass almost anything that an individual uses to make their life easier. Because there are so many different types of gadgets available on the market today, it is often difficult for people to know where to begin looking. For example, someone interested in purchasing a new radio may want to look into the various technological gizmos that are available to purchase along with the purchase. On the other hand, someone interested in purchasing exercise equipment that will help them lose weight may want to consider the various electronic gadgets that allow one to work out without actually having to head to the gym.

Regardless of what type of electronic gadget someone is interested in purchasing, it is important for that individual to understand the full meaning of the word gizmo. Many individuals may be under the impression that all gizmos are one-size-fits-all, but this simply is not the case. While it would certainly be nice if every gizmo sold was of a universal design, this is far from the case. Instead, the gizmo is designed to address certain needs of its user and to help that person achieve a specific end result.

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