What Makes a Great Gadgets?

A gadget is any innovative device or a non-existing machine used for practical purposes. Gadgets can be termed as small but highly functional articles. The term ‘gadget’ was first coined by the linguist, Webster, in his book, Dictionary. In this book, he used the word ‘gadget’ as an adjective meaning clever, useful, etc., and added ‘of the making or shape of something else.’ Thus, the word came to mean a new invention, device, or instrument.


There is no limit to what can be considered as a gadget. The various functions of these tiny marvels can make life easier for the user. Some of the popular gadgets that have become essential gadgets are TV remote, car remotes, pocket cameras, laptop computers, watches, and microwave ovens. Each one of these devices performs a different function, thus creating a variety of functions available in the market.

One of the most popular gadgets today is the smart phone. This small and handy device has come a long way in terms of its functionality. Smart phones are not just a communication device but it also acts as a medical gadget. Medical schools and hospitals use smart phones for recording lectures, notes, and other important data such as temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure. It also acts as an aid for medical practitioners to manage their practice, conduct researches, and perform clinical operations remotely.

Another highly functional and popular gadget is the smart phone or smartphone. As this product can perform multiple tasks, it is considered a multi-tasking gadget. Today, smart phones have almost the same functionality as desktop computers. Moreover, with its processing speed rivaling that of desktop computers, it becomes an integral part of business and entertainment. One of the most impressive functions of the smart phone is its ability to allow users to access email, play online games, and surf the internet on the go. One of the most prominent functions of the smartphone is its camera, which can be used for basic image capturing and sharing of images.

A good example of a smart phone is the HTC Wildfire. The handset features a powerful 1 GHz processor and a wide-screen for taking pictures. Other functions of this remarkable mobile phone includes support for Wifi and Bluetooth technology and a large memory capacity. Some of the latest and most advance gadgets include DECT phones that are considered to be a DECT phone and a PDA. These two devices are designed to perform a number of tasks such as camera, video conferencing, playing online games, and listening to music.

Aside from these gaming gadgets, there are other gadgets available in the market today that you cannot live without. Key features of a digital camera are optical zoom, auto focus, and manual focusing. Some of the most popular digital cameras are the Nikon Coolpix, Canon PowerShot S, and Sony Cybershot ILX. You can also get your fill of high definition images with the Camcorders like the Flip Ultra or the HP iiture Mini Digital Camera. There are also many other electronic gadgets available in the market today that you can take advantage of.

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