Video Game Addiction: What is it and How Does it Affect Your Life?

Gamers are constantly on the lookout for new games to play. All types of electronic games are available, ranging from the extremely complicated, to the simpler ones, designed to keep anyone playing for hours at a time. There are many types of computer games available, including those for children, teenagers, and adults. A computer or video game is generally an electronic game that entails interaction with a human user interface or interactive input device – for example, a mouse, joystick, keyboard, or hand-held motion detecting device used to make interactive visual feedback to the player. Many people enjoy playing video games because of their complex nature, including the ability to construct and design entire worlds, develop strategies, solve problems, and become the master of their virtual world. In fact, some of the most popular computer games involve creating characters, developing stories, and providing the player with the opportunity to escape completely from the virtual world into another one.


One type of popular computer or video game is known as multiplayer gaming. In this type of game, players take on the persona of avatars or role-playing characters in a virtual reality that consists of a huge number of users. Gamers can take on the persona of virtually any character they want, and this character can have additional abilities or capabilities. This type of gaming has been around for decades, and is especially popular among those who frequent online multiplayer chat rooms, discussion groups, and online role-playing games.

One type of popular computer or video games is known as virtual reality. In this type of game, gamers create a virtual reality by creating a world in which they live. They can become almost anything they want, and players can manipulate the objects and features within this world. Gamers are able to experience heightened sensations such as having their hearts racing, having “feelings” of anger, fear, joy, and experiencing virtually any other emotion gamers experience when in the real world.

Other popular forms of popular computer or video games are personal computers, specifically the ones called “odtv” (streaming televisions), laptops, hand held PCs, handheld game consoles such as Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, and Xbox. Most consoles and personal computers today can also support online gaming. Today, nearly every major retail store has at least one selection of online gaming devices.

Manufacturers of computer hardware and personal computers have created gaming consoles to compliment the popularity of previous generation consoles. Consumers of this generation of consoles appreciate the realistic effects, sounds, and capabilities of these newer consoles. Some people find comfort in using this form of gaming. Gamers of the previous generation who cannot anymore partake in the actual game due to their work or school obligations have given this new technology a chance. Many adults and teenagers are choosing to live a life of cyber gaming. This enables them to have a fun experience with friends or family members while doing their daily activities.

Parents and teachers alike have had concerns about the dangers associated with online gaming. Several schools have installed computer monitoring software that allows parents to track the activities of their students. They are also able to monitor the Internet usage of their children. The added monitoring capability of some consoles allows parents to play a role in the activity of their children while they are away. Computer vendors have responded to the demands of parents by adding additional parental controls on various models of video gaming consoles.

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